04 Sep

I can romance in a saree and i can run in a saree : Vidya balan – Once upon a time, Vidya Balan was ridiculed for her fashion sense. After that, Vidya switched to sarees and there has been no looking back. The power house actress of Bollywood mentioned in an interview with PTI that she can romance and even run in a saree. Vidya said, “It’s a most natural way for me. I can tell people I can run in a sari and I can do five sequences in a sari. I can romance in a sari and I can do everything in a sari. For me, it’s a most versatile garment…it’s extremely sensuous and at the same time it is strong, there is an elegance and at the same time it teases your imagination…It’s very powerful

.”On another note, Vidya spoke of the recent trend of women-centric films doing well at the box office. As she was the actress who steered this movement in the right direction with movies such as Kahaani and The Dirty Picture, Vidya said, “I love to take credit for it (that women-centric movies are also making money now)…I am extremely humbled when anyone says that. But the truth is that I think cinema reflects reality and the reality around us is that more and more women are leading lives on their own terms.”