25 Nov

Written by Sheikha Fifa

Dubai witnessed the inauguration ceremony of Box Top Sheesha Lounge which was inaugurated by Bollywood Stars Sunil Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Shahwar Ali, Fauzia Arshi (producer/director) along with Marcela (Miss Universe). The stars graced the occasion with their presence during the opening of Box Top Sheesha Lounge which is located in Imperials Suites, Rooftop, Bur Dubai.

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon looked ravishing in black maxi and the action star Sunil Shetty looked dapper in a black woollen coat and a white t-shirt. The crowd at the lounge were fortunate enough to meet these amazing stars and took pictures as they were quite humble and down to earth. When asked Raveena Tandon about how she is so well maintained and beautiful, she answered ‘in order to be well maintained a person should be beautiful from inside that’s how it will beautify your overlook, personality and soul’, by her beautiful answer the people cheered and also had a gala time in the lounge.

Box Top Sheesha Lounge is a rooftop lounge which serves amazing food, sheesha and drinks. The sheesha lounge is owned by Mazahir Abbas & Rajil Zaidy who were also present at the event. The lounge is a perfect delight for people who enjoy food with sheesha. If your birthday is near or you want to go for a sheesha meet up with friends then Box Top Sheesha Lounge is the best place for you to enjoy.

Check out the event video