Dubai traffic rules, Dubai traffic violations
10 Apr

Dubai Police on Sunday, April 8, reminded motorists to avoid the use of mobile phones while behind the wheels as it leads to lack of attention of the driver that poses the great risk of accidents on the road.

Deputy head of Dubai Traffic Police Col. Jumaa Salem bin Suweidan reported 12,257 cases of motorists fined for driving while using their mobile phones over the first three months of 2018 alone.

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Col. Suweidan cited 4,380 cases were book last January; 3,582 in February; and 4,295 in March.

Despite a drop in the reported cases of using mobile phones behind the wheels compared to 2017, which recorded 16,090 cases, talking, texting and checking social media while driving remain as a major violation of motorists in the UAE.

“The use of a mobile phone while driving disrupts a large part of the vital functions necessary for safe driving and the ability to act quickly to avoid danger is decreased while using a phone,” said Col Suweidan on Sunday.

Violators are fined Dh800 and four black points.