11 Sep

Suniel Shetty : I will never forget till my dying day what Salman has done to athiya! Suniel Shetty is overwhelmed with Salman’s efforts in the making of Hero and revealed that the superstar has plans to launch his son too in the future.
Suniel and Mana Shetty saw Hero last week at Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel. While the proud father is very happy with both Sooraj Pancholi and daughter Athiya, what made him emotional was the conversation he had with the producer of the film — Salman Khan.

Says Suniel, “I can’t call Salman a father as he’s forever 21. I can hug Salman and say thank you a million times because he’s my friend, but if I didn’t know him, I would say thanks with folded hands. He’s shed tears over them and in the last four days, we have had this beautiful conversation. Salman told me how important it was for him to do everything right because of the children. Suddenly, it hit him that Sooraj and Athiya are his children. We both got emotional. Salman has delivered more than what a father would deliver for his children. Physically, mentally, financially — he’s helped the two children to follow their dream. I will never forget till my dying day what he’s done for Athiya.

Salman told me that after Hero he has to plan for Ahaan too. He has four other kids to launch. If this doesn’t do so well, he will keep doing films with them. He said he doesn’t care about success or failure as that’s not in his control, but he will back them in film after film as they are his babies. They have done everything he has asked them to. He makes sure they are doing it right wherever they go. He asks for the script for TV shows and says, ‘What’s the script? Kuch bhi mazak mein nahin bolna!’ That’s the beauty of Salman, the human being.”
Suniel says he shares a warm and loving relationship with Salman but “we don’t tomtom about it. He knows we are there for each other. My relationship with Sohail is as deep and strong as with Salman. Salim uncle adores Athiya. There’s a family connect.”

Suniel held a screening last night for his close friends and family. “I have not called anybody from Bollywood as it’s stressful for me. I am not ready mentally. It’s just family and friends.”