03 Nov

Suhana Khan became a beautiful ‘golden girl’ at mother Gauri’s Halloween party as she wore a gorgeous, sparkly dress, turning heads across Bollywood.

While well-known as the daughter of SRK, Suhana Khan is quickly earning fame for her jaw-dropping fashionista looks.

She managed to turn heads once again, wearing a beautiful, sparkling creation. The 17-year-old donned a golden dress for her mother Gauri’s Halloween party.

The bash took place on 27th October 2017, featuring a heavy, star-studded list.

Yet, despite many famous faces in attendance, Suhana captured all the attention with her breath-taking outfit.

She wore a gold dress, created with sheer material. Embellished with a shimmering, leopard print pattern, the starlet certainly dazzled under the flashes of the Indian paparazzi’s cameras.

Showcasing the star’s stunning figure, Suhana added a pair of gold, strappy heels to the evening look. With her long, raven hair cascading down her shoulders, she truly looked phenomenal.

The 17-year-old also opted for daring makeup; a bold, red lip with smokey eyeshadow and warm blush. Interestingly, she donned very little jewellery. Only wearing small, hooped earrings.

This outstanding party look showcases Suhana’s true potential to become a spectacular fashion icon. Back in June 2017, she hit headlines for another jaw-dropping outfit. Wearing an eye-catching, orange dress, she even became a top pick in our weekend fashion.

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