08 Nov

Student, 26, is SELLING her virginity to the highest bidder on an escort website in the hope of raising millions to start her own business – and claims her parents agree it’s a good idea

Future plans: Student Jasmin, pictured, explained she had grown tired of waiting for the right man and wanted to sell her virginity instead to raise ‘millions’ to start her own business

Speaking to the Sun, Jasmin, who did not give her surname, revealed her parents agreed it was a good idea to sell her virginity rather than wait for the right person.

She said: ‘I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage. I was one of them. I really wanted to wait for the right one. But I don’t want to wait any longer.

‘So I chose another way which will make me happy. I am sure about my decision.’

The Cinderella Escorts website claims her virginity is proven with a doctor’s certificate and Zakobielski said the buyer can also ‘bring a doctor to a meeting’ for a second opinion.

Zakobielski, who will receive 20 per cent of the final price, told the Sun that he will personally ensure Jasmin’s safety if she decides to move forward with the plan. He also explained Jasmin can pull out of the transaction at any point.

The meeting would take place at a hotel in Germany, where the transaction is legal.

Two of the images posted on Jasmin's Cinderella Escorts listing

‘Exclusive’: Website founder Jan Zakobielski, 27, likened Jasmin’s virginity to a ‘very old wine’ or a ‘luxury car’. Above, two of the images posted on Jasmin’s Cinderella Escorts listing

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