23 Mar

Bollywood’s yesteryear celeb Shashi Kapoor turned 78 on March 18. Shashi Kapoor celebrated his birthday amidst fans at his favourite place in Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre. We wish the veteran actor a hearty life ahead but the notorious Internet has declared him dead.

On Wednesday morning, messages on WhatsApp messenger started doing the rounds that Shashi Kapoor had passed away. The rumour was soon picked up on social networking site Twitter and spread like wildfire, with posts of ‘RIP Shashi Kapoor’ pouring in. There were no truth to these rumours and Shashi Kapoor is hale and hearty. Rishi Kapoor reacted to these rumours as, “Uncle Shashi Kapoor is doing fine. Hope this ends all the speculation about him. Some rumour mongering is happening.”

In the past, several other celebrities from the cinema world have fallen prey to death hoax on the Internet. Dilip Kumar, another yesteryear Bollywood star who had been ailing and was hospitalised, was declared to have passed away on the Internet. A couple of years back a bizarre rumour was doing the rounds that Ayushmann Khurrana passed away in a car accident. The actor took to Twitter to prove that he was alive and kicking! They say a cat has nine lives, Amitabh Bachchan in this case may have had 90!