Shah Rukh Khan Ruined Her Life
21 Apr

Shah Rukh Khan Ruined Her Life? Shah Rukh Khan is a name that is synonymous with success and mesmerization of fans and supporters alike. Even critics, in their bashing of Bollywood’s acting mogul often need to come up with something really strong and constructive in bringing down a man described as the Baadshah of Bollywood.

There’s hardly a doubt about the effect Shah Rukh Khan has on the ladies, women being a strong part of his fan-base. And that said, it won’t be incorrect to conjecture that usually the mere utterance of the word Shah Rukh Khan gives rise to wide-eyed charm and smiles galore. There’s hardly a doubt about the love he has collected thanks to his movies in past several decades of coming out of nowhere and conquering Bollywood.

Hindustan Times

So when someone says that Shah Rukh Khan ruined my life there’s got to me some nerves and panic doubtlessly. In case you are wondering what and why exactly would someone say that to a man who’s films and very being have had love at the heart of everything, here’s what transpired. On Facebook’s Human’s of Bombay page, a Bengali lady told her story about how Shah Rukh ruined her life. She shared with great candidness that when her boyfriend with whom she planned to get married, did not get her the Shah Rukh Khan treatment, she decided to propose him herself. Now, isn’t that an anomaly in the usualness associated with love stories? Isn’t it men who often make the first moves? Aren’t men usually entrusted with the task of asking women out and making them hear their irrevocable feelings?

But perhaps that is exactly where the story of the woman who took to Facebook to share her uncanny love story mirroring the Shah Rukh Khan factor stands out. It turns out that the lady belongs to a Bengali family that may have always wanted her to go for a wedding within the Bengali community. So when she made her feelings about her boyfriend- from a Punjabi Baniya family- known to her parents, it wasn’t too surprising to know about the revulsion of the parents. Moreover, her boyfriend didn’t appear to have the same penchant for Bollywood as the girl. This, however would lead to him witnessing something special. Deciding to propose the love of her life on the very day of his birthday, there came a time where the girl decided to take matters in her hand and surprised him by falling on her knees and asking him to marry her.

Hindustan Times

True to the Shah Rukh Khan fashion- extended arms, rosy feelings, wide-eyed expressions and discerning smile, the lady professed her uncontrollable love for the man in her life and asked him successfully to marry her. The parents’ acceptance of their emphatic love story would lead to it’s complete fruition. But a thing that stands out is the witty sarcasm the girl successfully used in attracting so many to read her story on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page. Being a die-hard Shah Rukh lover, she went the extra way in enthusiastically professing her love, which ultimately won in the end. One wishes, more and more love stories to exude perhaps the same essence as that of the girl’s winning story. And if it may be said, there’s hardly anyone who’s not dumbstruck with SRK’s charisma. Isn’t it? So much so that it makes love find its true worth in a couple’s life.