Bodies of the double murder victims maybe flown to India as early as Thursday.

The bodies of Sasikala Narra (38) and Anish Narra (6), the mother and son who were killed in their Maple Shade, NJ, apartment on March 24, will be flown to India as early as Thursday, The American Bazaar has learned.

The bodies will be made available for viewing on Wednesday, according to a source within the community.

An Indian newspaper reported in the meantime that a community organization, the Telugu Association of North America, is helping the family in flying the bodies to India

It is not clear whether Hanumantha Rao Narra, the husband of Sasikala Narra, will accompany the body.

The Bazaar has also learned that Hanumantha Narra was interrogated by police for six to seven hours. The grilling was intense, according to a source.

It was the husband who called the police to report the murder on Friday night. Hanumantha Narra was reportedly in his office during the whole day.

However, local and Indian media have reported that there was marital discord. Sasikala Narra’s parents have charged that their son-in-law was responsible for the double murder.

“They argued so much,” an acquaintance, Abdul Salam, who is a supervisor in a manufacturing plant, told the “It was more him than her. He treated her like s–t. They hardly ever left the house. When they rode in a car, he used to make her sit in the back seat, even if it was just the two of them.”

Indian American woman and son found murdered in New Jersey (March 24, 2017)

Police have not made any arrests so far. They have also ruled out that it was a hate crime.

One of the sources the Bazaar talked to said the delay in sending the bodies could be because of the complexity of the case. “It is not a plain and simple case,” he said on the condition of anonymity. “Police are inquiring into each and every angle. The body is an important evidence. There are many reasons why the body is needed [during the investigation.]”

New Jersey double murder of Indian Americans not a hate crime: police (March 24, 2017)

Meanwhile, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, the school attended by Anish Narra, will hold a memorial service for the double homicide victims on Friday, it announced on its website.