17 Aug

Arijit Singh and Salman Khan’s spat turned uglier when an apology was posted by the former and their fight became a heated topic of discussion. But seemingly, that additionally has altered that is n’t Salman’s mind. Yes, he’s still holding up a grudge against the 29-year-old vocalist and in the current scenario, it appears that the celebrity is far from accepting his apology. Guess what? Arijit has decided to move ahead! He’sn’t going to beg for an apology anymore neither is he going to work with Salman in the future, he has decided.

Well, we don’t blame him for that! After all, it was something quite ridiculous that happened between them and Arijit also apologised publicly to Salman on social media but the actor selected not to forgive him. Additionally, he didn’t even let Arijit’s variation of Jag Ghoomeya from Sultan release, and rather sung it himself!

For when something that Arijit said piqued Salman those who don’t know, Arijit and Salman were simply pulling each other’s leg at the Star Guild Awards in 2014. The celebrity hasn’t been on speaking terms with the singer, ever since that time. With this latest upgrade coming in, Arijit also, has no plans on reconciling with Salman in the close future!