23 Nov

Though one has never seen them on the big screen together, we witnessed Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone’s crackling chemistry on Bigg Boss Season 9, where the two superstars of Bollywood were seen grooving to the peppy song Matarghasti from the much-awaited release Tamasha, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika.
Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Mastani definitely made a stunning pair, and with the speculations of Deepika being paired with Salman in YRF’s Sultan, the rumour gets a boost further. Or was it planned in such a way? Was the Tamasha’s leading hero and Deepika’s ex flame, Ranbir told to skip the Tamasha promotions just to check out the dimpled beauty’s chemistry meter with Salman?
Well, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the reality show with Salman and Deepika in the same frame doing loads of Tamasha, fun and masti –
Salman and Deepika praise each other’s beauty and good looks and return the compliments to each other.
Salman praises Deepika for her performance in Chennai Express and asks her to enact the scene where she gets possessed and kicks her hero, Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika says that she will fulfil Salman’s wish only on the condition that he follows her and enacts the scene, too. Salman and Deepika then recreate the hilarious scene from the movie to everyone’s delight.
So far, nobody has openly proposed Salman for marriage yet, publicly, but our very own gorgeous lady Deepika proposed him for marriage by going on her knees. Deepika said, “Will you marry me Salman Khan?” To which Salman replied, “Yeh na hua hai aur na hi ho sakta hai kabhi.” While saying that, he very gently helped her stand up on her feet. On second thoughts, Salman pretended to consider her proposal seriously and they grooved to the Main tera hero title track.
In Tamasha, Ranbir and Deepika play a game where they ask each other questions and lie in the answers. Here too, Deepika and Salman played a similar game. At one moment, the actor asked Deepika, if she loves Ranveer Singh and the actress replies, “I don’t love Ranveer Singh.” Doesn’t that mean she loves Ranveer?