04 Sep

Revealed : The logo of salman khan’s big boss 9. Bigg Boss 9 is already making a lot of news. Yesterday, we EXCLUSIVELY revealed to you the theme of this season which is Navrang or 9 emotions in humans. Now, we give you a glimpse of the Bigg Boss’ eye which been a sort of an emblem for the show since its inception. But this time it looks pretty robotic!
It has the framework of the internal machinery of a watch with the center being replaced by an eye which is a leaf out of endless sci-fi movies of Hollywood. Whatever may be the look, we kind of like it a lot. It adds some rawness to the show which could be on the nine emotions of humans starting from love to hate!
The wait for the show is getting a little too difficult to bear. The latest development says Salman Khan will shoot the promo today at Filmcity, Mumbai. The show will be aired on 10:30 instead of the 9 pm primetime.