26 Nov

Omg! This is happening! How excited are we?

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here guys! Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are all set to reunite on Bigg Boss 9 in a couple of weeks! Yes! While initially there were reports of SRK’s willingness to promote Dilwale on Bigg Boss 9. It can now be confirmed that this blockbuster episode will be aired either on 5 – 6th December, or on the 13-14th December, ahead of Dilwale’s release on the 18th! Now isn’t that some big news?

Not to forget, Salman had already sent an open invite to SRK much before Bigg Boss 9 went air! He had even revealed this during a press con saying, “I would love to have him(SRK) on the show, but he knows I don’t mean this. See, if he has the dates and he wants to come on the show then he is more than welcome. If he wants to come and spend some time with the contestants then he is more than welcome. So I would rather want to put it like this than say I would love to have him on the show. So if he is coming he should come, promote(Dilwale), have fun, go inside the house, chit-chat with the contestants, give them his life experiences because you know he has got a lot of experiences in life and then, that’s it!”
Well, looks like everything has fallen in place now and Shah Rukh has managed to make time for his dear friend Salman! This reminds us how Salman too had made time for SRK during his 50th birthday this year! Remember their Sultan hug? The two are totally setting friendship goals for us and we wouldn’t be surprised if they break into something even cuter on Bigg Boss 9! Are you excited to watch SRK and Salman back in action again? If not in a film, let’s await them on Bigg Boss 9 soon!