10 Dec

When Ranveer Singh got a Saudi makeover

DUBAI: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh wearing Saudi dress on the “Sabah Al-Khair Ya Arab” (Good morning Arabs) show on MBC, when he put on a Saudi red and white checkered headdress, shemagh and igal, the black rope-like cord, that holds the shemagh in place.
Host Badr Al-Zaidan assisted the actor in putting on the attire.
Singh first put on a traditional white cap, over which he wore the shemagh and igal.
“I think you are looking handsome Masha’Allah,” commented host Al-Zaidan.
“It looks beautiful. I will wear it throughout the day, thank you, that’s very cool,” Singh said, adding his beard fit the look perfectly.
The actor and his “Befikre” co-star Vaani Kapoor are in Dubai to attend the premiere of their movie at the Dubai Film Festival.