29 Aug

People who are Netflix enthusiasts will clearly understand why Radhika Apte is associated with it.

When it comes to Netflix these days, people have been trolling Radhika Apte on Twitter and it seems like they have lost their calm.

Since quite some time people have been posting memes and jokes on Radhika Apte as she is seen in every other Netflix series. This is getting ridiculous as people want and expect to see more of other actors and not just Radhika.

After Sacred Games, Lust Stories and Ghoul, Radhika’s spoof was made with the name Omnipresent. With a new Instagram post, Netflix shared their reply.

Have a look at the poster:

After having a look at how crazily people have reacted, Netflix India too came back with a sassy reply and acknowledged their love for her. While on Instagram they changed their page’s description to “Just another @radhikaapte fan account” with several love-notes written to her, they also shared a spoof video saying how Radhika Apte is omnipresent in Netflix and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Memes and GIFs have been all over the social media comparing the chemistry and love between Radhika Apte and Netflix.

Netflix India is happy being ‘Radflix’ for the time being. Have a look at the memes that have been circulating all over the web:

Kuptaan 🇮🇳@Kuptaan

people trolling Netflix for Radhika Apte.

Netflix :

Sir Ravindra Jadeja@SirJadejaaaa

After Lust Stories And Sacred Games Netflix Signs Radhika Apte For ‘Ghoul’. Her 3rd Webseries Within A Year. 🙄

Web-series Are Temporary, Is Permanent😂🤣😂

Kaju Katli@MonkNxtDoor

Netflix India showing Radhika Apte to its viewers.

S O N A L I🦋@NotYourWitch__

Words that go together

Bread: Butter
Chai: Sutta
Thank: You
Netflix: Radhika Apte

Godman Chikna@Madan_Chikna

When Netflix calls Radhika Apte for another show.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Wahid Syed🇮🇳@wahidsyed99

Radhika Apte’s new Netflix web series.


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In the meanwhile, Radhika got candid in an interview and said she was not the first choice for many films which she has done.

“I’ve done a lot of roles for which I wasn’t the first choice — it went to someone else first — and I’ve got a lot of success like that,” she told to a leading daily in an interview.

“People constantly used to tell me that you can’t play a North Indian, because you are a Maharashtrian. And now, a North Indian is playing Laxmibai. So, why is it the other way around that you have a problem with?” she questioned.

“We’ve had North Indian characters play South Indian characters. But that’s good. That’s how it should be. Actors shouldn’t be restricted on the basis of where they come from, and [be] cast on that basis,” she added.

“Sometimes, it makes sense that directors want to cast someone who’s from that region. They might bring more to the table, because they belong to a specific area. So, you shouldn’t take things personally. A lot of times it happens that, when you don’t get a role, you say, ‘Why did I not get that role?’ Because that role was written for someone else, and you shouldn’t take such things personally,” she said.