Radhe Ma
23 Jul

Radhe Ma Actress Poonam Jhawer, made her popular debut movie, Mohra with Suniel Shetty. A 90s song ‘Naa Kajare Ki Dhar’ is remembered by all of us, as that was one among the sensational song during 90’s. We saw Sunil Shetty wooing his lady love in the song and that lady love was none other than Poonam Jhawer.

The actress also played the role of Radhe Ma in the Akshay Kumar’s movie, Oh My God. Just a few years later, her pictures are circulating around the social media for a good reason. It is said that the actress has gone under the knife to improve her beauty and skin complexion. Our eyes could not believe that she is the same girl who acted in the movie, Mohra.

Check out the recent pictures here.

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1. Poonam Jhawer is the same girl who played the role of Suniel’s wife Priya Agnihotri who kills herself when a gang of goons attempts to violate her.

2. Well, this is how Radhe Ma looks now!

3. Radhe Ma is gaining attention for the face lifting she has done.

4. However, the Radhe Ma attempt to look beautiful has backfired on her.

5. She looks unrecognizable now.

6. Isn’t Radhe Ma looking hot?

Radhe Ma