14 Nov

Bigg Boss 11 is a standout amongst the most dubious periods of the truth appear and there’s not minimal uncertainty about it. In the midst of all the dramatization and battle among contenders, one couple who is always standing out as truly newsworthy is Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. Their sentiment has been all the rage for a long time and it won’t not be right to state that Bigg Boss 11 isn’t family-accommodating attributable to such hot affectionate scenes and make out sessions.

Prior Salman Khan, host of the show, cautioned Puneesh and Bandgi to be cautious in an aberrant way as Bigg Boss is viewed by their folks too.

In any case, it gives the idea that the team is in no state of mind to consider his recommendation important and this video is the verification!

Indeed, a video is becoming a web sensation on the Internet and online networking locales, indicating Bandgi and Puneesh having grimy talks when the lights are turned off. Everything isn’t especially evident yet this is what we comprehended from the video… .

Bandgi and Puneesh are perched on the couch and the last requests that the young lady unfasten her shorts while he would expel his T-shirt. At first she wavers and that is the point at which he requests that her not sit idle and hustle just a bit. She calls Puneesh narrow minded and says that it’s winding up exceptionally troublesome for him to sit on a similar couch notwithstanding for 5 minutes on which they used to sit till 4am.

It’s not out of the blue that we saw couples getting closer and cozy on Bigg Boss yet Bandgi and Puneesh appear to have crossed the point of confinement and they don’t understand the results. On the off chance that they are doing this fair to win, this is truly unfortunate and despicable on their part.

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