04 Sep

Parineeti’s fitness regime helped her achieve fab body ! Actor Parineeti Chopra is looking hotter than ever. And all thanks to her detox programme she underwent in Austria.

The detox program had no surgery involved but our Pari got what she wanted – an enviable figure.

In a recent magazine, Parineeti features as the cover girl and she is looking wow! DNA quoted an industry indsider saying, “Under this program, the patient has to undergo several tests in order to determine what his or her body can tolerate. Depending on that, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to.

And it costs between Rs 5-10 lakh for a 15 to 30 day- course, depending on the program.” A source also told the daily, “Pari’s expectation before taking up this new regime was that she wanted to fit into hot clothes.

And she has got her wish.” Yes, she did. And her recent pics are certainly a witness to that dramatic transformation.