05 Oct


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone may have denied their relationship, but their body language seems to be saying something else. From their cute dubsmash videos to Ranveer chasing his lady love with a flower in hand, the much in love couple has done it all.

And now the cute duo was snapped together at the airport. While both Ranveer and Deepika walked through the airport flashing their sporty style and sweet smile, it was only when they reached their car is when they did the unthinkable!

The alleged couple was seen kissing each other! Yes you read it right… But before you let your imagination wild, let us tell you it was a good bye peck on the cheek!
The chivalrous man that Ranveer is, dropped Deepika to her car first. And as soon as he was to return, his lady love surprised him with a kiss on his cheeks and a hug!

Awww! Cute we say… Hai na?