27 Aug

On day 4, Sonaakshi Raaj’s collection exuded utmost elegance. We absolutely love the gowns with intricate detailing and the knee high slits.

TIP: Mix up silhouettes choosing gowns that are draped loosely at the top and are fitted as they go down. Slits are a great addition to any outfit, giving it an instant style update.

Narendra Kumar, known for his drama inspired presentations, didn’t disappoint this year either. His elaborate collection was based on a movie, which he directed himself—Marriage of Shayla Patel. Strongly tailored silhouettes and dark hues made for one dynamic presentation on the ramp.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to infuse drama into your outfits. Use statement accessories or bold prints to create impressions that’ll last!

A star studded spectacular show by Manish Malhotra marked the end to the 5-day fashion extravaganza. Displaying sheer elegance, Manish ventured out into cocktail dresses for the very first time as a celebration of 12 years of his label, and he obviously didn’t disappoint. The shimmery collection saw a gorgeous mix of sheer fabrics, sequins, fringe and fur detailing.

TIP: Fringes and fun are a big trend this season. A little bit of detailing will go a long way!