16 Sep

Kangana ranaut on being ‘katti’with Deepika padukone; What actors say Is not gospel’s truth – A lot has been spoken about Kangana Ranaut’s soured equation with Deepika Padukone. The Queen babe is fearlessly going on records taunting Deepika for whatsoever reasons be it in terms of being the highest paid actress or being a ‘interference’ in her life. In fact, more recently Kangana also went on to declare that she is ‘Katti’ with Deepika, and that she wants to be left alone! While everyone is puzzled about this whole fight between the two leading ladies of Bollywood. Ms Ranaut finally clears the air saying, “See the thing is, kis context mein koi baat kahi jaye, woh bhi aap logon ko dekhna chahiye. What actors say is not gospel’s truth na. We also visit our statements sometimes, saying I could have let go or skipped that question.” Yes! She said that…

This happened during the recent press con of Kangana’s upcoming film Katti Batti. The media was but obvious very curious to know more about her ‘katti’ equation with Deepika and why does she hate her so much. Is when, Kangana sarcastically retorted and said, “See I make statements sometimes that I do revisit and think about. Sometimes we say things that shouldn’t be taken so literally. What’s important is what’s happening on the 18th when the film is releasing. Baaki Jo apne ghar pe karta hai humein kya Lena dena. These things shouldn’t be discussed so much.”

Though this doesn’t clarify much of the damage done. But what do you think? Will Kangana patch up with Deepika? Will Deepika attend the special screening of Katti Batti? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll be back with more updates right here!