Hub of Bar Girls
08 Jul

Hub of Bar Girls The villagers of Shiravne village, a small village near Panvel, which was once known as the village of teachers, recently protested against the invasion of Bargirls, dance bars and lodges in and around the village.

The bargirls and the dance bars in the village are the major issues as their presence is affecting the village culture and the young generation is under threat.


Around 15 dance bars and lodges are surrounded by the village. The village was once famous as every house had at least one teacher but now the village has become a hub for Bargirls which is degrading the values of the Shiravne village.

In 1970 CIDCO acquired the lands of the villagers and a paid a satisfactory compensation against their land. This led to rise in the wealth of the villagers which turned the village into a hub of dance bars and illegal lodges.

As the village lies in the outskirts of Mumbai, just 40 km away from Mumbai, it has been seen very often that the riches from the suburbs reach here on weekends.

The villagers carried out a protest march in the vicinity of the village and urged the villagers to come out and join the peaceful protest march and have further decided that each people from the village will write a letter to the district collector to shut down the dance bars forever.  Hub of Bar Girls Mumbai