11 Nov

Expats who are thinking of bringing their mother or father in Dubai, here’s a guide to getting a UAE residence visa for your parents. We’ve written this step by step process so you can get an idea how to sponsor your parents in the UAE. One of the updates of applying for a visa whether for your child, spouse, or parents is that it is now done via Typing Centers. You have to visit a Typing Center, submit your documents, and wait for the approval via text message. Please see the details below for more information.

Disclaimer: Be advised that if you have submitted the documents listed on this page, this does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa for your parents. Information posted here only acts as a guide based on a first-hand experience by one of our readers who wanted to share their story. It might be different in your situation. Dubai Immigration rules may change. It is best to contact proper authorities such as DNRD for their updates and for more information. Call DNRD at 800 5111 or visit their website www.dnrd.ae. You can also inquire from different typing centers in the city.

Guide to Getting a UAE Residence Visa for Mother or Father in Dubai, UAE


In order for you to sponsor your parent, you need to have:

  • Minimum Salary of 20,000 AED
  • Minimum 2 Bedroom Apartment (Tenancy Contract under sponsor’s name)

These qualifications help determine that you are financially capable of supporting the parent in the UAE.

Requirements/Documents for Parents Visa Sponsorship

If you meet the above-mentioned qualifications, you need to secure the following documents to present to the typing center.

  • Application Form (Done at Typing Center)
  • Tenancy Contract of Sponsor (Attested by Ejari)
  • Emirates ID of Sponsor
  • Salary Certificate of Sponsor
  • Letter from Your Consulate (Affidavit mentioning that the sponsor will support and is financially capable of sponsoring the parent in UAE – your country Consulate/Embassy will have this.
  • Bank Statement (3 months) with stamp
  • IBAN number
  • DEWA Bill
  • Passport Copy & Visa Page of Sponsor
  • Passport Copy of Parent
  • Passport Photo of Parent

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