14 Nov

Mr. Jay Patel, Husband of woman reported, she received a call from someone claiming that her husband is under arrest. They demanded $4750 for bail bond. She somehow paid the sum that was demanded using Bit coin Machine.

As reported by Mr, Jay Patel to media

“My name is jay Patel and I’m small business owner
I want to create awareness in public for this new scam.
My wife received call, showing my number on her screen.
Informing her that your husband is under arrest for transferring 450,000 US dollars to Saudi Arabia for terrorist group. They verified my social security dl number, my business license and all other detail to confirm that I was in their custody including police from Gwinnet county police chief name and address as well.

And told her that

We arrested your husband and he told her someone stole his identity and we believe him , but To get him out of jail you need to pay for his bail bond $ 4750 dollars to address she need to go and pay. “

According to Mr. Jay Patel, Police are investigating the case and but he wanted to create an awareness of this scam