28 Mar

Bollywood Dubai brings to you an exclusive interview with Tripet Garielle  in which you will get to know many things about her. So, here we are going to publish exclusive interview of Tripet Garielle.

She is one singer who has launched pretty well for herself with a brand new tune! Produced and directed by the very man who recorded the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam – Atif Ali of Dubai, one of the most renowned music composers, is the brainchild behind ‘Woh Pal.’ The long awaited Tripet Garielle’s Lead Single from her forthcoming surprise Debut Solo Album ‘Woh Pal’ is finally here.

Tripet Garielle spent a year working with Atif Ali to showcase her versatile talents across a variety of genres – including Dance, Acoustic, Ambient Lounge, Romantic and Sufi Rock. Atif Ali pushed her to another level. He saw in her a gift that manifested into Woh Pal – The Album & Lead Single. It’s very rare that an Artist leaves their whole world behind to produce an Album entirely in a foreign language, in a foreign country.

Exclusive Interview With Tripet Garielle

How and when did you get interested in music and singing?​

At the age of 11, I used to sing along to “Raja ko Rani Se” from ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum on a tape recorder. And I used to replay it and hear my voice. I never cared how my voice sounded but I used to get drawn into the Bollywood melodies as my father was always into Bollywood songs and films. 6 years ago I took my poetry into songwriting and then I started writing my own songs in Hindi. I used to call my Indian friends and get help for translation since I knew what I wanted to write but I didn’t know the language well enough to do it alone. I never realised ​what a mammoth task it was​ but I had a strong​ desire to sing in the language of Bollywood. I had a lot of people telling me to stick to singing in English for accent reasons. But I found ways to work on the accent. It took 6 years to develop​ myself​ vocally ​and also to get a handle on the accent​;​ ​still​ I​ have a long way to go. I just started out for fun. I never intended for it to be a career. But now I cant live one day without working on my music.To​ ​pul​l​ off the accent and ​the singing itself – I had to work ​hard and still I am​ but​ there is a​ drive deep down within that keeps me ticking – that drive is my music because I’m so in love with it.

Who have been your musical inspirations?​

My greatest musical influences are Lata Mangeshkar, Shreya G​h​osha​l​ and my producer Atif Ali since he too himself is a great singer. Shankar, Ehsaan And Loy are my ultimate favourite trio because I​ love the energy within their team and I usually wake up to the sound of Arabic singer Amr Diab. My Western influences are Alicia Keys & Mariah Carey.

What’s you brand of music? What genre would you say you specialise in?​

​I ​am a strong believer that music should bring people together from all walks of life. Every tribe, every person has values that can be associated with some aspect of my music​.​
But ​for me my voice is my ​real ​brand. ​M​y music is universal although Bollywood inspired and dominated. My Debut Solo Album -Woh Pal has ​various genres​ – from Dance, Acoustic, Ambient Lounge, Romantic ​to ​Sufi Rock. Admittedly the Album was deliberately experimental from my end but not from my ​M​usic Director’s point of view. Atif ​A​li encourage​d​ me to be versatile and he often compose​s​ and expects that I can sing in ​different​ genre​s​ at any tempo. Every track even on​ the​ ​’Woh Pal’ ​Album is totally different to one another​.​ ​Although, I love all my tracks no matter what the genre​ but my​ ultimate favourite on the album is the lead single “Woh pal”​​. Having said that I ​do admit I am​ ​more ​attracted to sad love songs​.

Is singing in a language you don’t understand a challenge? How do you overcome the language barrier?​

Singing in the language of Bollywood is more than just a dream. It’s a desire, a desire that ​has been a part of my essence​. Music gives me a sense of purpose – when all else fails​.​ Music takes me far beyond my limits. My music is the voice of my soul and all the emotions that have fired up inside me during my search for love. I don​’​t see language as a huge​ barrier although it ​has been difficult. Its a part of me now. I am a singer and I happen to sing in the language of Bollywood. I am used to translating my lyrics and then learning the words in a short space of time. The quickest so far was the lead single “Woh pal” which I had 4 days to learn before the recording. That song was mentally very ​challenging to get into due to the intensity of the lyrics but working with one music director across my Album has given me a signature sound both sonically and vocally. ​A​tif ​A​li is the man behind my voice. Bollywood is the inspiration behind my music. ​

Why have you chosen Dubai to record your songs? What about Dubai inspires you?

My producer ‘Atif Ali’, had only one request when we decided to work together and that was that I have to come to Dubai and record my songs. Initially, it was difficult to co-ordinate between Dubai and UK (where I live), but after months of working together over skype I was ready to go and record my songs.

Dubai has brought out the ‘Artist’ in me. I have lived, breathed and felt every word of my songs in Dubai. It is a city that has a magical charm. The colours, the sounds, the people, the energy; everything about this place inspires me. I have a romantic connection with this city. Even when I have not been in love, it has made me feel like a lover.

Whenever I come back to Dubai, the minute I step of the plane, my emotions come alive. That’s why I chose Dubai for my videos because it let’s me relive these experiences over and over again.

What are you currently working on? Your upcoming project​

My current project is the release of my Debut Solo Album ​’​Woh Pal​’​ which is due mid 2016. It twists and turns melodically from one song to next and flows like a series of mini fairy tales. This album is very personal as I ​have ​lived these fairy tales before they were recorded.​ I ​don’t​ just sing ​songs​, I live ​them​, feel ​them​​ and​ then record ​them​.​ ​ ​Visually, ​I have​ planned videos for 4-5 songs from ​the​ full length album of 8 songs, 2 of which have already been released – ‘Aa Vee Jaa’ and ‘Woh Pal’ – The Lead Single.​ ​

Behind the scenes I am also working on my 2017 projects and its all quite chaotic swinging between these two projects but I love all my tracks and thats what keeps me going in all the mayhem.​