06 Nov

Bedtime is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, sleeping naked can improve your health in many ways.

Whilst some of us are overconfident, others are less comfortable, and prefer sleeping in their pj’s.

But, experts have revealed that laying bare in bed could help improve your sleep.

For British and South Asians this might be a little tricky to do, especially for those living in large families.

But, we explore the reasons how sleeping naked could possibly improve your sleep and health.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Sleeping naked can improve the quality of your sleep at night.

Dr Mercola puts this down to body temperature. During the night, body temperature naturally falls, and this helps your slumber.

It’s difficult to sleep when the body is too hot, hence wearing those comfy pyjamas will only add to the fire.

Nadia Khaliq, 26 from Birmingham, says:

“I sleep in top and bottoms, but in the summer or when I feel really hot I take the bottoms off and keep the long top on. Feels better that way.”

What feels better is feeling cool. Body temperature is a common problem in getting to sleep.

Many South Asians and British Asians will choose to sleep in pyjamas or Salwar Kameez.

However, it’s not just an issue of clothing. Bedroom temperature can also affect your sleep.

Dr Mercola suggests an optimal temperature between 60-68 degrees that can give the best sleep.

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