31 Oct

Off late, B-towns star kids have been creating headlines. Whether its with news of their promising debuts or just them stunningly showing up at events around town, Bollywood’s next big stars are successfully filling in their parents shoes.

One such promising debutant who has been stealing hearts with her appearances at events is Shah Rukh Khan’s pretty daughter, Suhana Khan. According to recent reports on DNA Newspaper, Suhana has often been spotted at locations where auditions are being held. The report states that the reason for this is so that she can experience how auditions take place, mentally preparing herself for her own.

Daddy Shah Rukh has been very vocal about his daughters interest to join the film industry and is pretty supportive too, his only condition being that they first complete their graduation.

We can’t wait to find out what Bollywood has in store for Suhana! But, considering she is King Khan’s daughter, we’re sure it will be nothing short of spectacular.