15 Jan

Bollywood Stars With Their Pets alia cat

For some, the breed of pet does matter and are ready to fork out big amount of money for their preferred dog. For others, its more of emotional decision (perhaps their earlier dog was of a particular breed), and for some its just pure love for dogs or cats (breed doesn’t really matter). Irrespective, for all our Bollywood stars these are their loyal and best friends.

Bollywood Celebrity Pets, Dogs & Cats Though we may refer to these pets as dogs and cats, but for our Bollywood celebs their pets are like their family. They are always there to cheer them up and give them company, when the chips are down.

The fact that Salman has named his pets ‘Myson’ and ‘Myjaan’ gives you an indication of how much they love their pets.

For the uninitiated (and for readers from foreign countries), ‘Kutta’ means dog in the hindi language, and its one of the several hindi language words, which could also mean an abuse (similar to pig, which is known as ‘sooar’ in hindi). That’s why many people in India take an offence when you call their dog a ‘dog’ (particularly when you use the hindi word).
Here we take a look at some of the celebrity dogs & cats!

The pets/breed that these stars own say a lot about the star themselves, and usually compliment their lifestyle. For instance, Salman Khan has a black Great Dane, a large breed that goes well with Sallu’s ‘status’ & ‘ego’.

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