12 Nov

Inside the house, Hina Khan and Luv is seen teasing Benafsha and Priyank to which Benafsha objects and says that her boyfriend is also watching the show

Salman Khan supports Arshi Khan in Weekend Ka Vaar

The Weekend Ka Vaar of November 11 of Bigg Boss Season 11 was full of high-voltage drama and some unexpected twists. The episode also saw Kapil Sharma on the stage for the promotion of his movie Firangi.

The episode began with a phone call. Salman makes a call in the house which was picked by Akash Dadlani. He asks him to give the phone to Shilpa and while talking to her, he says that she has become Chapati Queen of the house. Salman also sets up an aangan on the stage which has a tree with photos of housemates. After making comments on all contestants, he says that Hiten and Sapna are confused about which group are they a part of.

Inside the house, Hina Khan and Luv were seen teasing Benafsha and Priyank to which Benafsha objects and says that her boyfriend is also watching the show. On the other hand, she admires Priyank’s dimples, lips and eyes. Shilpa was also seen mocking Hiten and Arshi. Salman enters the house and makes fun of Hina and Luv’s secrets they confessed on national television.He asks housemates to name the villain of the week. Shilpa and Akash name Benafsha and Hina says Puneesh. The episode also witnessed a heated argument between Priyank and Bandgi.

Salman took class of Hina Khan and accused her of provoking people in the house. Hina tries to defend herself but Salman supports Arshi in the tussle. He also talks about prize money turning zero and asks Vikas Gupta who says that it was Hina’s idea. Infuriated by this, the Dabangg star tells Hina that it seems her brain is working overtime these days.

The superstar also gave advice to Akash to behave properly with ladies in the house. Salman tells Bandgi that if she is so conscious of her image then she and Puneesh must act carefully in front of cameras. Hina, on the other handapologise to Salman for losing the luxury budget task.

Then enters Kapil Sharma, who interacts with housemates and reveals that Arshi is his favourite. Kapil brings letters for contestants from the outside world. He also gives a task to housemates in which  they can vent their anger against one contestant in the house by kicking a mannequin. Kapil bids adieu and Akash sings a rap on Kapil and Firangi.

In the next episode, Vidya Balan will be promoting her film Tumhari Sulu. There will also be a double eviction this week.

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