12 Jan

Manveer Gurjar and Manoj Punjabi received an overwhelming response from the audience as they reached a Mumbai’s suburban mall to seek votes.

Bigg Boss 10: Audience showers their love and support on Manu and Manveer.Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manveer Gurjar and Manoj Punjabi are celebrities already. This we know from several videos that surfaced on the internet from a suburban mall in Mumbai where they went to seek votes from the audience to get the Ticket to Finale.

The duo stepped out of the four-walled house of Bigg Boss 10 almost after three months to seek votes from common people. To give votes to their favourite contestant, supporters of Manu and Manveer had to put their votes in a ballot box kept in front of them. For security reasons, both of them were standing inside a makeshift ‘jail’.

Manu and Manveer who entered the house with the tag of commoners were completely awestruck with the overwhelming response they received from the fans. The audience went berserk at the sight of the best friends and the mall was filled with chants of Manu and Manveer’s name as the fans expressed their love and support for them.

Watch Manveer and Manu seeking votes from audience at a Mumbai mall


But from what was heard from the crowd, Manveer received more support in comparison to Manu. Apart from votes, he was also showered with the love of girls as they gave him roses to express their fondness. Seeing such a huge support from the fans, Manveer could not hold himself back from singing and dancing for them. So, is this a hint towards Manveer winning the most coveted ticket to the finale with a maximum number of votes?


Surprisingly, there was another name apart from Manu and Manveer that the crowd was chanting and that was Bani J’s. Though it was Manu and Manveer who were seeking votes but Bani’s fans chanted her name to let them know that Bani is a serious competition for them. The crowd was so massive that not only Manu and Manveer got mobbed but the fans also tried to break the jail to click selfies with them