18 Mar

According to a common belief, first comes love, then comes marriage, and lastly, comes the baby. So having a baby before marriage is still a taboo? Well, you may not be right according to many now. In fact, many Hollywood people almost never get married to have children. Though Bollywood pregnancies and actresses getting pregnant before marriage were unheard of a few decades ago, with the passage of time a few instances were reported where actresses in Bollywood got pregnant before marriage to bust this taboo.


Sarika was the first one to make headlines in the 80’s when it became obvious that she was carrying the love child Shruti Haasan of actor Kamal Hasan. She was having an affair with the actor who was already married to Vani Ganapathy earlier. Eventually, he went for a divorce and married the pregnant Sarika to enable the child a legitimate one.

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