08 Nov

Get 30 Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes For Dubai. Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like: For 30 days, you’ll eat only whole foods—meat, seafood, veggies, fruits, spices, oils, nuts, and seeds—in order to reset unhealthy cravings and habits. Can’t pronounce it or don’t recognize the ingredients? Don’t eat it.

What’s off-limits? Sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, anything processed, and—the tricky part—anything that resembles those foods

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered 30 creative breakfast recipes for Dubai working people from bloggers around the web so you can equip yourself for easy and delicious mornings, all month long.


We’ll admit it: We have a zoodle obsession. And thanks to this colorful breakfast bowl recipe, we now have a reason to eat them all day long. Topping the zoodles with a fried egg, roasted sweet potatoes, and a “creamy” avocado sauce is an amazingly tasty and filling way to start your day.

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