06 Nov

Nearly 2.6 million Indians live in UAE, forming the biggest expatriate population in the region. The local laws in UAE are different from India and can pose a challenge for Indians moving to the emirates.

To make their stay comfortable, the Consulate General of India in Dubai on their official website put out an advisory for Indians moving to UAE.

The advisory includes a list of Dos and Don’ts Indians must follow while travelling/staying in UAE.

Dos to be followed in the UAE (11 things Indians must never do in Dubai)

  1. Your passport and visa are your most valuable documents when you are in UAE. Always keep your passport and visa valid. In fact, ensure that your passport is valid at least more than six months.

  1. Keep all your cheque books, credit cards, other financial documents, etc., in your personal custody; misuse of these even by anyone can cause trouble for an account holder.

  1. Islam is the major religion in the UAE; everyone should respect Muslims’ prayer 5 times a day.

  1. Familiarise yourself with local laws, and their impact on your personal circumstances, before you travel.

  1. Cross the road only from the designated pedestrian crossings and take particular care, as vehicles will not always give way.

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