Bollywood Sex Scandals
18 Apr

Bollywood is not all glitz and fame; amongst innumerable rising stars, there is some that fall. The showbiz industry is known for controversies–sometimes cat fights raged by contemporary actresses or affairs that make the news. At times, it’s not the affair, but the break-up that steals the show. However, what grabs the attention of fans, media and fellow celebrities are sex scandals. Knowingly or unknowingly actors and directors get embroiled not just in flings and passionate sex, but also in long-drawn court battles. Often rumors turn out to be true, while there are instances where they are ruled out by the court. Whatever the outcome, these rumors spread like wildfire, and shape the common man’s notions about a star. In the long haul, certain scandals have the potential to even ruin a celebrity’s life and career. So, here are some of the most shocking sex scandals that Bollywood has ever seen.

1. Shiney Ahuja Accused Of Rape

In June 2009, ‘Gangster’ star Shiney Ahuja was accused of raping his domestic help. The promising star refuted the claims initially, even going to the extent of saying that “things like this happen” to the police. Several colleagues in the film industry as well as his wife, Anupam, claimed that the allegations were untrue and that he was being framed. However, medical reports proved that the young lady had been forced. It was then that Shiney admitted to his crime, stating that he was unaware that ‘rape’ was a serious offense.


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